Are you feeling our new vibe?

Some BIG and BEAUTIFUL changes have arrived at Alchemy Oils. Your feedback is so important to us which is why we have designed the ultimate new packaging for your favourite hair and beard remedies. All our changes were developed from comments from our customers.

The new design is even more user-friendly, whether your an over-night mask-er or a oil on the go-er, our new pipette applicators and pump action travel sized bottles are designed to meet your needs!

Here are some of our favourite features from the new design:

  • *pump it up!* brand new pump action bottles
  •  Your #shelfie game will be on fleek! Bring on the beautiful new packaging!
  • Less mess and less waste, with our easy to apply pipette droppers
  • Some serious leak fighting design so you never have to be without your Alchemy


P.S. Don’t worry we haven’t messed with any of our magic formulas, we are still using pure, nourishing and completely natural ingredients. We are also fiercely proud of our cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free certifications and all of our changes are in line with these values.

A little insight from our talented design team at Sheridan&Co : “Alchemy Oils is all about purity of nature and taking the wellness practices of Ayurveda but making it relevant to a modern western audience.  We have worked very closely with their team to create a visual brand identity that simply lets the honest beauty of the formulations shine through, while still making it a luxurious, indulgent and quite a special part of the daily self-care ritual.”


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new style drop us a review!

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