Cruelty Free Hair Dyes – Bold Colours

Finding the right hair dye can be difficult. Most dyes contain harmful ingredients like resorcinol or 4-ABP (synthetic chemicals that are both thought to be toxic), ingredients that are tested on animals, or animal products like silk, keratin or milk proteins.

We think you shouldn’t have to choose between your hair colour and your ethics, so have put together a list of some of our favourite dye brands. Manic Panic and Arctic Fox are both great options.

Manic Panic is vegan, cruelty-free and free-from common hair-dye allergen, PPD. The brand’s semi-permanent dyes come in more than 50 blendable colours – including ‘High Voltage’ colours and watercolour pastels -, and work best on bleached hair. The dyes tend to last 2-4 weeks, after which they fade to their base colour (for example, after a few washes, a purple dye may lighten to blue or green). The colour also tends to bleed for the first few washes, so be careful of towels and pillows. [Price: £11.99 online.]

Arctic Fox dyes are available in fewer colours and can be more difficult to blend, but they tend to last longer than Manic Panic dyes, and fade to lighter versions of the colour, rather than to their bases. The dyes also bleed less than other brands, making Arctic Fox perfect for ombre and dip-dyed hair. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and animal loving owner Kristen Leanne donates 15% of profits to fight animal abuse. [Price: £13.99 from Amazon]

After Care

And of course, when you’ve dyed your hair, our Amla and Grapefruit hair oils are amazing treatments to keep hair soft and your scalp conditioned, whatever your colour.

[image: yayer.com]

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