Hair Oiling for Greasy Hair

So many of us struggle with greasy hair. Why is that?!

Well, it’s caused by the sebum glands in the scalp over-producing natural oils. These oils are what makes your hair soft and shiny, and keeps your skin moisturised. The problem comes when experience excess oil or greasy hair, and a lot of us make it worse with bad hair habits. 

The Alchemy Hair Experts are here to offer some tips to treating that oily annoyance and to dispel that myth that hair oils will make your hair greasy! 

Some of these bad hair habits that are adding excess oil to your locks are:
– touching your hair too often
– over washing (daily shampooing strips your hair of natural oils so your scalp works extra hard to try and replace them – adding more oils that you want!)
– dirty hairbrushes (over time your hairbrush collects all sorts from dust to styling products, so its important to clean or replace them on a regular basis.)

You might think we’ve lost the plot by suggesting using hair oils to treat excess hair oil (we know how it sounds!) but hear us out… 

The oil glands in your scalp produce these natural oils which are wonderful for your hair and scalp but if it gets out of balance you will over-produce these oils leading to greasy hair that no one’s a fan of. It often leads to a vicious cycle of over-washing which makes the problem worse as your body tries even harder to replace the natural oils lost from shampooing. 

We want you to be brave and brake that habit by using hair oils! ??

Applying a natural hair oil will provide your scalp with the nutrients and moisturisation it’s desperately trying to produce. If you give it the right ingredients it will start producing less sebum and therefore your hair won’t get greasy as quickly. – makes sense, right? 

Still don’t believe us? 
One alchemy customer tells us herself… 

“I have always struggled with greasy hair, since I was a teenager. I’ve tried everything (thinking back probably a lot of things I tried were the wrong things!) I was definitely guilty of over-washing too but found a few things that worked for me as quick fixes such as dry shampoo and certain hairstyles that would disguise the my shiny / flat hair. When a close friend recommended Alchemy (Grapefruit) hair remedy I really though that adding MORE oil to my hair was the last thing I wanted to do.. but she was ademant so I ended up giving it a go. I did an overnight hair mask (I applied the oil the night before, brushed it through my hair coating it evenly as much as possible and then tied it up in a bun and went to bed. In the morning I washed it with my usual shampoo and conditioner and dried it.) Ok so I’m not saying my greasy hair was cured over night but blimey it looked so much healthier and better the next day (I have never had so many compliments!!) Loving the effect it gave me after that first attempt I did another hair mask around a week later and again a few days after that. Before I knew it – without even realising what was happening – I ended up washing my hair less and less often! My hair was softer, healthier and it just wasn’t building up grease as quickly, so I didn’t feel the need to wash it as often! I’ve carried on using the grapefruit remedy and do an over night mask 2 or 3 times a month. I only need to wash my hair around twice a week now, which I never thought would be possible! and honestly don’t think I can survive without my Grapefruit hair remedy, ever again – I haven’t used dry shampoo since!” 

Just remember, not all hair oils were created equal! Make sure you pick an oil that suits you and your hair type as not everyone has the same reaction to certain ingredients

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