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Wonder Woman

Galdot aka Wonder Woman in the recent film, revealed her beauty secrets with Vogue and with Beauty Crew we love the tips she has shared, here are some of our highlights…

“Ever since I started working as a model and an actress, I’ve become very aware of my skin. I travel a lot and it gets really dehydrated, so I try to avoid that by using different products and drinking lots of water.” 

Wonder Woman is such an iconic character. What is your hair and makeup like in the film? “It’s very big, wavy and impressive hair, but it was important that she still looks natural, so I don’t wear heavy makeup. We do some contouring, very thin eyeliner and a lot of mascara.”

Leave your hair-dryer at home. “I use Kérastase ampoules day and night, especially when I travel because I get dehydrated and they make the root of the hair stronger.”

“People keep telling me: Don’t wash your hair every day—it’s not good for you! I wash my hair every day. But I let it dry naturally.” 

“fragrance is something deeply personal” —she counts the scent of the ocean and three-year old daughter, Alma, as amongst her favorite smells.


As Galdot explained, hydration is so important for both skin and hair health.

For an extra boost of nourishment and hydration for your hair we recommend peppermint hair remedy. The refreshing blend of hair oils stimulate hair growth by nurturing the follicle as well as adding minerals and nutrients including, calcium, copper, folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, & manganese along with omega-3, vitamins A, and C.

Wonder Woman hair has never been so easy! 

*Click for orginal Vogue article 


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