Zodiac Inspired Self Care

This month we picked up the Temperance Tarot card which also means Alchemy. The card portrays balance, moderation, purpose, meaning and patience. If reversed it means imbalance, excess and lack of long term vision. 
We have been talking about balance a lot recently and how incorporating some time for ourselves in the form of rituals can have great benefits for us. The best thing we love about this is that we can create self care rituals whilst leaving hair oil in our hair, all your need is ten minutes. Find your horoscope below and see which parts of your body you should pay attention to help you relieve stress.
Alchemy Zodiac Aries
As an Aries, your key parts of your anatomy are the head, eyes, face, brain, and upper teeth. These are your areas of main concern. 
Self care: Peppermint, ginger and fennel teas looks about your digestive system.
Alchemy Zodiac Aries
The Taurus sign anatomical focus is on the throat, neck, ears, thyroid, tongue and lower Teeth.
Self care: You should target the throat chakra. Honey and Ginger drinks will protect your throat.
Alchemy Zodiac Gemini
As an Gemini, your key parts of your anatomy are the nervous system, lungs, collar bone, hands, arms and shoulders. 
Anatomy: Nervous System, Lungs, Collar Bone, Hands, Arms, Shoulders.
Self care: Relax and pamper yourself. Paint your nails or use a hand cream to soften.
Alchemy Zodiac cancer
The Cancer sign anatomical focus is on the breast, stomach and upper lobes of the liver. 
Self Care: Deep belly breathing exercises will look after your nervous system whilst strengthening your immune system
Alchemy Zodiac leo
As an Leo, your key parts of your anatomy are the heart and upper back. 
Self Care: Relax by having a green tea which is known to look after the heart.
Alchemy Zodiac virgo
The Virgo sign anatomical focus is the intestines, liver, bladder and lower plexus.
Self Care: Vulnerable to stomach and bowel troubles, treat yourself to a turmeric latte or lemon and ginger water to look after these areas.
Alchemy Zodiac libra
As a Libra, your kidneys, lower back and adrenal glands are the key features of your anatomy. 
Self Care:Ashwagandha Power mixed with honey and almond milk to look after the adrenal glands.
Alchemy Zodiac scorpio
Anatomy: Reproductive Organs, Genitals, Bladder, Rectum.
Self Care: Cranberry juice and tea helps keep your bladder safe from infection or pelvic floor exercises 
Alchemy Zodiac sagittarius
Your zodiac anatomical focus is your hips, thighs and upper legs.
Self Care: A bath with Epsom salts can help your muscles in your legs feel at ease.
Alchemy Zodiac capricorn
As a Capricorn, your zodiac anatomy focuses on the knees, calves and lower legs.
Self Care: Do lower legs stretches or a yoga pose such as downward dog to look after these areas.
Alchemy Zodiac aquarius
The anatomical focus for the Aquarius sign are the ankles. 
Self Care; Soak your feet, ankles and legs in a warm bath after a long day.
Alchemy Zodiac piscis
As a Piscses star sign, your anatomical focus is the feet.
Self Care: Treat yourself to a pedicure.

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