Welcome to Alchemy Oils

We’re all about transforming natural ingredients into multi-tasking remedies for hair care. Borrowing from Indian haircare rituals and British sensibilities for styling, we created products to enrich your hair.

We love oils (not mineral oils though!), not just because they’re a natural ingredient, but because they’re powerful and effective. Oil has a multitude of benefits and has been used since the beginning of time. We create oil blends which will complement each other. We adore the classics like coconut oil but we like to throw in some new game changers as well, which is why we welcomed Amla into the fold.

We don’t believe in silicone laced quick fix serum oils, we believe in strong, potent, natural oils that treat major hair concerns whilst smelling utterly delicious. Immediate effects include shiny, frizz free, manageable hair that’s easier to blow dry. Prolonged use (the type of regular use that’s not recommended for chemical laden ‘oils’) of our organic blends will promote growth of strong, thick healthy hair. Each ingredient in each blend carries with it, it’s own set of qualities nurturing the hair follicle through all stages of growth.

So that’s us. Putting the care back into haircare.

Benefits of Grapefruit Oil
Benefits of Coconut Oil
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Benefits of Avocado Oil
Benefits of Almond Oil
Benefits of Castor Oil