At Alchemy Oils, we believe that great hair starts with the right care. Inspired by the ancient Indian traditions of Ayurvedic hair oiling and combined with Western hair styling sensibilities; our blends are created with only the finest ingredients, these oil elixirs will finally give your hair the care it rightfully deserves.

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The perfect remedy for overplucked brows, the oils with stimulate and nurture new hair follicles, leaving you with brows that slay.

Designed to fight dandruff, this remedy will help to cleanse your scalp from product build up. Say goodbye to flaky and dry!

This mood boosting remedy stimulates skin cell repair, remove bacteria and moisturise your skin and beard, giving all your bearded-bros major beard envy!

– Hollie, May 2018

“This is literally the best hair oil I’ve ever tried. I used to wear clip in hair extensions to add thickness but I haven’t needed them for the last month and I’ve only been using the oil for 2! It’s the grapefruit hair remedy and I absolutely love it! Xxx”

– Hollie, May 2018

– Tassia, January 2018

“LOVE LOVE LOVE – so amazing, I use the Grapefruit Hair Remedy and it smells DIVINE. I use it as an overnight oil mask every week, and my hair has never looked better. Can’t wait to try more Alchemy Oils <3”

– Alina, January 2018

“Beautiful product with beautiful results!”

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It's time to rethink everything you think you know about hair oils. Meet the invigorating hair oils that will bring your hair back to life. Jam-packed with nothing but good-for-you ingredients, these luxurious, replenishing blends will amp up your hair's stubborn growth cycle and act as the hydration heavyweight your thirsty strands have been waiting for. Even greasy hair is no match for our super blends. Each oil is added for a damn good reason - chosen based on its track record of secret magic powers and long-term benefits. Here at Alchemy Oils, healthy hair is a promise we can keep (*pinky swear).

Our formulas are as clean as a whistle and have never been nor will they ever be tested on any furry animals (or the scaly ones, we don’t judge anyone by their skin). All of our formulas, including our stubble-loving beard oils, are completely free from parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, glycols, DEA and TEA. That means you can fully enjoy your nightly beauty rest while our thirst-quenching ingredients make sure no strand is left untouched.

These oil blends are 100% vegan approved and are not linked with any company that supports animal testing. We believe that our planet deserves nothing but the best. And so do your soon to be swoon-worthy locks.

Glorious hair doesn't happen overnight. But with these, you come pretty close.

Warning: complimentary head-turns included, might exceed the average daily limit.

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