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Natural Beard Oil

If you’ve been looking for a natural beard oil that is not only effective, but vegan-friendly too, then look no further. Our vegan beard oil products are free from all parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, glycols, DEA or TEA, leaving the oils with nothing but pure, natural ingredients that are kind to your hair and skin.  All of our products promote a healthy scalp, giving your hair the perfect, chemical-free environment for new, stronger growth.

Our natural beard oil takes plenty of inspiration from not only the age-old Ayurvedic practice from India of hair oiling, but from Western hair styling sensibilities too. We combine the old use of oils in scalp massaging and deep conditioning treatments with the concept of oil/serum hybrids that smooth any fly-aways and promote shinier hair overall to create some of the best vegan beard oil available.

Our blends can not only stimulate hair growth for a longer, fuller beard, but can treat hair loss, encourage stronger hair, as well as soften it, add shine, and even make it smoother and easier to manage and control. For those with full, luscious beards, our natural beard oil is the solution you need to care for those unruly hairs.

Vegan Beard Oil

Now you know about what our oils can do for you, why not take a look at some of our products? The natural beard oil we offer is simple to use, and with a range to choose from, you can rest assured that one will cater for the needs of you and your hair. Application of our vegan beard oil is as simple as pouring a few drops into your hand, rubbing it between your fingers, and massaging it into your skin and facial hair. If there is any excess left on your fingers, feel free to use it on your scalp for a no-waste use!

Our peppermint beard oil is the perfect solution to stimulating growth and treating a number of other common concerns. This refreshing concoction is made up of avocado oil to seal in moisture, coconut oil to prevent breakages, argan oil to soften and rosehip oil to improve the condition of your skin. Of course, peppermint oil is included as well, stimulating the follicle of the hair to encourage growth.

How about trying our Earl Grey Beard Oil? With a mix of bergamot, coconut, argan, avocado and rosehip oils, your beard will reap a wide range of benefits from our vegan beard oil. The bergamot essential oil used in this product is cold-pressed, and acts as a natural serum for frizzy, unruly strands but the benefits don’t stop there. This anti-depressant oil can promote a feeling of freshness and joy, and with a fresh, citrusy aroma, you can even benefit just from the scent.

Our beard oils are perfect for those looking for softer, stronger beards and rejuvenated skin. Healthy skin means healthier beard growth.