5 Natural Beauty Myths Debunked with Khandiz Joni

5 Natural Beauty Myths Debunked with Khandiz Joni

We’ve heard all the old sayings a hundred times. By now we know that shaving doesn’t make hair grow back thicker, drinking water won’t cure your dry skin, and just because Marilyn Monroe used it won’t make petroleum jelly fight wrinkles.

But with more people turning to natural beauty techniques, a wave of new beauty myths has arrived.

Hair and makeup artist and co-founder of www.novelbeings.com, Khandiz Joni gives us the truth about 5 commonly held natural beauty beliefs…

  1. If a product calls itself natural, it must be good

False. Just because the packaging is indicative of nature and has some or other word that relates to nature or organic – does not mean the contents are filled with clean, natural ingredients, so being able to identify the ‘green’ from the ‘green washing’ is in your best interest.

  1. You should only use “chemical free” beauty products

False. There is no such thing as “chemical free” – chemicals occur in nature. You want products that are free from synthetic chemicals.

  1. Natural ingredients aren’t as effective as synthetic

False. Natural ingredients are powerful and can penetrate our skin deeper than their artificial counterparts.   

  1. Natural cosmetics will look and work exactly like your usual products

False. We have become accustomed to products feeling, smelling and working a particular way – which for the most part are very unnatural. When switching to clean beauty brands, you cannot expect them to offer you the same “results” as they do not contain the plastics, artificial surfactants, fillers and synthetic fragrances that we have become accustomed too – so by their very nature they will feel different. It takes some time for nature to regulate what artificial has done, so please, give it some time to work it’s magic. At least 28 days (unless you have an uncomfortable reaction) as that is how long it takes for your skin to replenish its self.

  1. Natural products will work well for everyone

False. Because natural ingredients are powerful, some people may have a reaction. The good news is that it is much easier to identify what the ingredient causing the reaction might be, when you have a small ingredient list.

  1. Homemade cosmetics are better for you

False. Natural or synthetic – formulating cosmetics is a science. It is important that formulations are stable and properly preserved to prevent doing yourself or your loved ones serious harm. I am personally weary of home made concoctions that haven’t been verified by independent labs.

You can find more of Khandiz’s beauty wisdom on her blog, http://khandiz.com/, or follow her on instagram @khandiz

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