Halloween Hair Inspiration

Halloween Skeleton Hair

Halloween is the best excuse to take time to style our hair with organic hair oils. From glitter to props and easy to do styles, we have put together some inspiration to ensure your hair is on fleek this halloween.

Glitter Glamour

We have been obsessed with glitter all summer. There is no reason why glitter in our hair had to stop after festival season came to an end. Glitter on your parting can look completely badass and we love it. We particularly love two buns and glitter in the centre.

Props For The Win

From skeleton clip ins, to devil horns and witch hats, props can take centre stage of a hair style. Combined with buns or curls, we love to see the creativity.

Cast a spell with curls

Curls on their own can look simply gorgeous. You can experiment with a half up/half down style. If you are feeling a bit of a Harley Quinn style, you could place your curls into two pony tails and incorporate some colour. Be brave. Be bold. We love it.

Whatever you decide to do this halloween, your hair has the power to be a game changer. Explore our inspiration board here

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