Khandiz Joni


Khandiz Joni is a London-based hair and makeup artist, originally from Cape Town, with a passion for clean beauty and sustainable living. She has worked on films, such as Blood Diamond, on television commercials and countless fashion shoots. In 2014, Khandiz and Alice Wilby founded Novel Beings, a boutique stylist agency with a focus on promoting brands using ethical practice and sustainability within the fashion, beauty and advertising industries, limiting their impact on the environment. Her clients include Harper’s Bazaar, Fashion Revolution and Brighton Fashion Week. Khandiz Joni, along with the rest of the team at Novel Beings, is at the forefront of the move towards conscious beauty, and shows that you can be involved in the fashion industry without compromising your ethics.

What would you say prompted your movement towards sustainable beauty?

A: I have always had an (naïve) awareness of environmental sustainability. A few years ago – it hit me like a tonne of bricks. All the recycling I was doing, using less harmful cleaning products – was not coming through in my professional life. And being the workaholic I am, that was a big part of my life. So I decided to seek out more environmentally friendly ways of doing my job. Starting with biodegradable wetwipes and plastic free cotton buds. It soon escalated to packaging and down to ingredients.

Is there one tip you have for looking good, both in everyday life and in high fashion?

A: Wear things that suit both your body shape and your personality. I’ll throw this one in for free: Smile!

We think that hair care is a vital part of looking good. What do you think is the most important step in the beauty routine?

A: Despite being in the fashion and beauty industry, the truth is, I am not someone who spends hours in front of the mirror preening myself with a ritualistic beauty routine. However, I do think that the easiest way to spruce up is make sure your hair is looking healthy and your skin is properly cleansed and well moisturised – with products that work for YOU!

What challenges have you faced in switching to natural cosmetics?

A: Accessibility to products that I can try and feel. Cosmetics are a tactile product, and a personal one too. How something feels on my hair and skin might not be the same for others. Most clean beauty brands are only available online. Online shopping for beauty products doesn’t make sense to me – unless you have already found your favourite products and are just restocking.

What are some of your favourite beauty products?

A: TWELVE Beauty’s Hyroloil Lip Treatment, Romilly Wilde’s Active Boost Facial Oil, Alchemy Amla Hair Remedy, Therapi Honey Skincare’s Rose Otto Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream. Kjaer Weis for eyeshadows and cheek tints, RMS Beauty for lip colours and Vapour Organic Beauty for foundations Zao Makeup and Couleur Caramel both have an excellent and extensive range.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to recreate runway looks at home?

A: Take ONE element of the look you are after – preferably the one the enhances your favourite feature and make sure your hair looks amazing! Remember, runways are essentially “fashion theatre”, and wearing all of “that” every day is not practical – and unless you have an expert hand, you will likely walk out looking more like your local pantomime villain than super model. Keep it simple and paired back.

We believe that rituals (like our hair oiling) are important parts of self care and relaxation. What rituals do you have?

A: Oooh, I am a big fan of rituals. My daily ritual consists of waking up very early, before the world is awake and I have space to just be, making myself a cup of coffee in a stove top peculator, with frothed almond milk and in my Regal Peacock Burleigh mug (it’s massive!). Sitting down in my arm-chair (which I am doing as I respond to this question) and planning my day. My indulgent ritual is a long hot bath with some Dr Jackson bath oil, TWELVE Beauty’s London Mask, some Alchemy hair oil, a glass of wine (white, with two blocks of ice), candles and some unintelligent TV show on my iPad.


What do you think 2017 holds for green beauty?

A: I think that green beauty is just at the tipping point. I have no doubt we will see many more brands popping up in 2017 with more scientific research going into natural ingredients.

Please tell us a bit about your experience with Alchemy Oils: what you think of it and how you use it.

A: Despite my claim that the easiest way to look fashionable is having your hair look amazing – my hair is a total disaster at the moment. I’m growing out a bad bleach job. It’s also naturally curly and therefore naturally drier. I first tried the Grapefruit Hair Remedy. I applied a generous amount to dry hair and left it over night. I was very pleasantly surprised how easily it washed out – even with one wash with my organic shampoo.  My hair felt clean and shiny. A few days later I tried the Amla Hair Remedy. I applied a less generous amount to my dry hair, with the intention of washing it out the next day – but my hair literally drank it up and there was no need to wash it out – not even oily in the slightest. And they smell AMAZING! As I don’t ever bother blow-drying my hair (laziest beauty being on the planet) I can’t wait to try applying it to wet damp hair and drying it in, I’m excited to see the results.

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