Don’t stop be-leaf-ing

Watering leaf plant

If you’ve tried any of our hair remedies you’ll have experienced first hand the power of plants. Each ingredient in our hair and beard remedies is from essential oils of plants from avocado to mint, amla to coconut!

Recently we have been spending a little green on some greens for our homes and offices. There are so many benefits to having little plant pals around you.

Here’s some of our favourite reasons to grow some greens…

  • Plants can purify the air – plants remove carbon dioxide and other toxic compounds from the air and break them down, reducing pollution and increasing oxygen in the air that you breathe in like your own little air purifier. (the best plants for air purifying are: rubber plants, Chinese evergreen and English ivy)


  • Plants release moisture – plants realease roughly 97% of the water that they take in which can increase the humidity in the air. Studies have shown that using plants in interior spaces can decrease the instances of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs. (the best plants for humidifying your home: areca palm, golden pothos vine, spider plant, snake plant.)


  • Plants can improve your mood – indoor plants can help to give a natural balanced energy in your home (according to Feng Shui). Research has also shown that plants can have a positive effect on stress reduction, pain tolerance and physical discomfort. They help to bring the natural high and stress relief people feel in the great outdoors. (for mood improving plants try something colourful: anthuriums, orchids, chamomile, begonias)

The best thing to do is to have a combination of different types of plants so they can work together to share there different environmental benefits. You grow girl!

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