Fall head over heels for Autumn

As the sun dips earlier and the hats come on, let’s take a moment to reassess our hair care routines. While we love the heat the summer brings, it can often wreak havoc on our hair. The cooler weather may leave us clutching our blankets, let’s take this opportunity for some tender loving hair care. So pop on your autumn playlist, get in your fluffy jammies and discover how to help your hair beat the winter chill.



The summer can leave our hair feeling dry! With the whipping autumn winds and the central heat being turned on, your hair may be feeling a little damaged and under the weather… and as hard as we try, we don’t all look as good as Pocahontas blowing in the wind.


Solution: Keep your hair moisturized! Start the season with a hair mask to reclaim that hair flicking sass we all crave. Our fav is the alma remedy mask. It contains a powerhouse of ingredients to ensure your hair is super nourished. All three of our hair remedies replenish moisture, but our Amla Hair Remedy is richer, making it ideal for hair needing extra TLC. Say bye to dry!


Scalp Soother

The only kind of flakes we want on our shoulders are the snow variety. Yet we’ve all fallen victim to flaky scalp at one time or another and Autumn is peak time for your scalp to become dry.


Solution: Soothe that scalp! Not only is dandruff a pain in the ***. It can also lead to hair thinning and no one wants that. Use a remedy that includes natural anti-fungal ingredients Grapefruit Oil is a natural cleanser and fights dandruff, as does Coconut Oil. These ingredients will help to cleanse your scalp from product build-up and add an uplifting citrus scent. Say goodbye to flaky and dry


Long and Strong

In colder weather, we tend to want to grow our hair longer. With summer sun damage, long doesn’t necessarily mean strong, and can result in split ends.


Solution: Trim time! You can usually get a trim that won’t take too much of the ends but still keep it a healthy long length. Sadly there isn’t a magic remedy, but try adding a  nourishing hair oil to your routine to boost the growth and shine. You’ll have your Rapunzel waves back in no time!


Stress Levels

Winter is coming and with it comes winter stress! From grey skies to frozen fingers it can be easy for the darker days to take their toll… just ask Princess Anna.


Solution: Take time for self-care. Don’t let stress pile up and become unbearable. Make sure you are making time for you by planning your favourite activities into your routine. Take that long bubble bath, read your favourite book, take time to look after your skin and hair without feeling guilty about it. Make sure self-love is one of your top priorities.  


Let autumn be one your favourite seasons; from the constant golden leaf instas to muddy boots on bonfire night, fall head over heels for autumn. So don’t let your hair get the better of the fun times ahead! Practise some good ol’ hair care and look after your gorgeous autumn do. 


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