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Delphine Chui

Delphine Chui isn’t just an avid foodie for all things vegetarian and organic but she also takes a holistic approach to health and beauty – which is something we’re very passionate about too. Practising what she preaches, she is getting the word out about the beneficial and responsibly-sourced hair, body and lifestyle products she uses every day. The digital features editor at Marie Claire, as well as one half of natural beauty and lifestyle blog, F Toxins, Delphine is advocating all things natural and nice.

You run a blog with your sister, Ariane, where you discuss healthier and more sustainable attitudes to beauty products. How did this come about? (And who makes the posts!)

Our mum is a homeopath so we always grew up with an awareness of all things holistic and the older we got, the more interested we became in how things we were eating and wearing on your skin were affecting our every day health and wellbeing. We decided to properly start the site during a testing time in our lives when we were in dire need of a distraction and now we’re about nine months in! We share the post schedule so Ariane posts on Tuesdays and I post on Thursdays but I totally give all the credit to Ariane for sorting out our Instagram feed!

How are you able to balance your career with blogging?

It can be tough at times but I tend to write things either first thing in the morning or last thing at night so I try my best to fit it in my full-time work schedule – but yes, this sometimes means waking up before 6AM or going to bed after midnight!

Can you recommend a good organic wine?

Ha, yes! Always! Organic wines are so great because you don’t have the same hangover reaction then from those filled with preservatives and chemicals. For a red, I love Thirsty Earth VDP, for a white, I like Purato Catarratto Pinot Grigio and since it’s summer, the Chateau Leoube Organic Rose Wine too.

What is your no.1 tip for switching to green beauty?

Stick with it and be ready to learn. Switching onto new products can always be a little scary and sometimes your skin won’t be as good as you’re used to when it’s adjusting to the new product so be patient – but also, mindful of how your body is reacting to it. We’re all different and nothing is going to be the best for everyone so be ready to experiment and know the ingredients you really want to avoid when shopping.

 Do you have a daily routine?

As in a beauty regime? Yes! I use a natural witch hazel from Humphrey’s to tone my face when I wake up and then I’ll put on a moisturiser (I try to change these up every few months and at the moment I’m using Dr Hauschka’s quince day cream). I’ll then put on my daily make-up which tends to consist of an eyebrow pencil, bronze eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara and head into work. After a long day, I cleanse my face by taking off my eye make-up first and then cleaning my whole face with a cleanser from the likes of The Beauty Kitchen or exfoliator, either from Yes To or Pai which I’ll do once a week, I then finish my toning and if it’s winter and I need extra hydration, I’ll put a facial oil on for added hydration and use hair oil.

What stage do you think you are in your journey of making considered choices?

I think I still have a way to go. I’m learning new things every day about what’s good and bad for us and what are good, healthy alternatives. For example, I’ve just swapped out using bleach for using a homemade formula of baking soda and food grade hydrogen peroxide

What is your favourite product that has come out this year?

Hmm, there’s so much great natural and organic products out there right now, but I really like anything that makes my life easier so I’d say Clean Beauty Co’s Babe Balm as it’s a multi-purpose beauty balm that does everything from moisterise to highlight.

What natural product are you still waiting to become a thing?

Dry shampoo! I tend to use a bit of tapioca starch (avoiding talcum powder or cornstarch) at the moment but would love if I could get a dry shampoo alternative.

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