When life gives you Lemons

All of our hair and beard remedies are created with blends of natural oils. Our ingredients are carefully selected to meet your hair’s needs and achieve your hair goals. Each oil is packed with all the nutrients your hair needs, so we don’t add anything extra that would reverse their good work. 

One of these ingredients is lemon oil. This citrus oil comes from the oil glands on lemon rinds. It has powerful antioxidant properties and an ability to purify. It works well for oily hair as the citrus oil cuts through any grease build up. It also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that fights against dandruff and other flaky scalp conditions. 

This little miracle oil helps to balance your scalp oils and will reinvigorate your hair, promoting a beautiful shine. 
The lemon scent promotes happiness hormones. Citrus smells and in particular lemon scents, have been proven to boost energy and alertness and can even reduce stress and help to leave a positive impression on others! 

Try AMLA HAIR REMEDY which contains a perfectly balanced blend of Amla infused in sesame oil, combined with coconut, lemon, argan and avocado oils.


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