The Importance of Ritual

Ritual is necessary for us to know anything - Ken Kesey

In a world where we are constantly striving to care for others, whether that be friends or family, we often forget to look after ourselves. This may be one of the most important things we can ever do for ourselves. Why? Because in a climate in which we are constantly switched on and busy, we have to find moments to reconnect and centre ourselves.

This can be achieved through the arts of rituals. This is essentially an action that is fuelled by an intention. This is about moving beyond appearance and embracing the act of self care. There is no better way to start than creating rituals around looking after your hair. Our hair is an extension of ourselves. So when we look after our hair, we are essentially looking after ourselves.

The best thing is that you are the master of your ritual. You can choose which intention to apply to your haircare ritual. The important thing is that there is a consciousness behind it. When you take this time out to do this, you are giving yourself energy through mindfulness. A routine in hair healing provides us with power, tranquility and intuition. The energy we create in this process stays with us and translates into other areas of our lives.

With Alchemy Hair Oils, we encourage you to use an intention before you use our natural product. By doing this, when you cleanse your hair, you are embracing mindfulness and reconnecting with yourself.

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