The sneaky way alcohol effects your hair!

When the festive season draws to a close many of us launch into the new year with a drive to be healthier and one of the most common ways to do this is giving up alcohol for #dryjanuary.

Many of the health benefits of cutting out booze are well known but you may not realise that drinking alcohol can effect the condition of your skin, hair and complection too!

Alcohol consumption can cause dehydration which effects every part of your body (i’m sure you’ve all experienced that tell tale throbbing headache and dry mouth the morning after a big night!) but did you know that it also causes dehydration in your skin and hair. Over time your hair can become brittle, weak and prone to split ends.

With excessive drinking the body can become deficient in the minerals zinc and iron, which has been linked to hair loss.

So if you’re embarking on dry January this year we support you! You might just reap a few more benefits that you expected.

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[photo: www.florenttanet.fr]

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