World Beard Day

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There’s more to a beard than it would seem It is a symbol of manliness and embodies masculine wisdom, strength and even high status in some cultures. They are versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From full and long, wild and bushy to closely trimmed, what is true of all beards is the respect awarded to those who grow them.

This is where World Beard Day comes in. It is a day to celebrate all beards of all styles.  It is an opportunity for people from across the globe gather in different places to celebrate in a variety of ways. It has been argued that the day started as far back as 800 AD, when the Danish Vikings decided to dedicate a day to honour beards.

Typical ways to celebrate are to get your community together and host a BBQ or arrange celebratory drinks. Competitions are held to see who has the best beard. As for us, we are celebrating by offering 10% off our Peppermint Beard Oil.

Happy World Beard Day!

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