There’s no way you could have missed the huge boom in vegan lifestyle and vegan product alternatives over the past few years. With ‘vegan’ going mainstream Google trends has shown a huge 90% increase in searches for ‘vegan’, plant based food sales have increased 1,500% in the last year and veganuary saw nearly 60,000 participants last year.

The demand for vegan beauty is also on the rise and we are in full support! With lots of terms being thrown around referring to cruelty free and vegan cosmetics we wanted to clear up a few of the key terms so you know exactly what you are getting when you choose a ‘vegan’ or ‘cruelty free’ beauty brand.

You can rest assured that products labelled as ‘vegan’ have been manufactured without any animal by products or any animal derived ingredients. Animal products commonly used in non-vegan cosmetics include insect extracts, bees wax, uric acid from cows or horses. Vegan products will use a plant-based alternative.

Beard and hair oil products labelled ‘cruelty free’ have been manufactured with no animal testing or experimentation on animals. However sometimes this claim refers only to the finished product so for something to be completely cruelty free every stage of the process must be free from animal testing.

If you are wondering how cruelty-free products are tested, ingredients are tested on a microbiological level and the finished product is tested on human volunteers to ensure everything meets the highest safety standards.

We are so proud to be able to call ALL of the Alchemy Oils products both vegan and completely cruelty free, we are certified with the vegan society and registered with Peta! A great way to know for sure if the products you choose fit your vegan or cruelty free lifestyle is to lookout for the certification or stamp on the product or brands website.

Alchemy Oils products are vegan & cruelty free, certified with the vegan society & registered with Peta

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