This Valentines day, treat a loved one to a healthy mind and body. Flowers, cards and chocolates have become too common. Nowadays, we crave gifts that speak from the heart, are personal, unique and experiential. There’s no better way to show your other half you love them then introducing them to the healing power of essential oils.

The gift of new scents and aromas evoke memories, bond couples and help strengthen relationships. Aromatherapy is powerful, the addition of oils into our daily wellness routines reduce anxiety and stress, helping to dispel day-to-day worries and bring a sense of serenity that other gifts fail to deliver on.

Alchemy Hair Oils have formulated a range of versatile, plant-powered hair, brow and beard remedies to help nourish your locks and help promote healthy facial hair. Formulated with a potent blend of 5 super oils, these daily tonics can be used for styling and adding shine to the hair or intimately massaged into the scalp and face for a more sensual experience. With the addition of Alchemy’s Hourglass Timer you can properly switch off and really reap the full benefits of the products.

Each powerful remedy stimulates the hair follicles and helps to strengthen, leaving us with healthier, fuller looking hair. Nothing but the absolute best of natures ingredients are used in their products, without any added harmful preservatives. Coconut, avocado, castor and argan oils form the base of all of their blends paired with, citrusy grapefruit, Vitamin C packed Amla (Indian Gooseberry), stimulating peppermint and uplifting bergamot to target different hair concerns. These potent elixirs work to heal breakage, preventing greys and help the hair maintain strength and shine.

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