We would like to pay tribute to all of the Mums out there who deserve to reclaim a little “me” time! With ever increasingly busy schedules and daily demands, it’s hard for Mums to take time to relax and unwind. Finding tranquility in our modern overloaded society can be tough, which is why it’s so important to set aside time whether that be daily, weekly or even monthly to make sure we’re getting the R&R we need to feel our best. If we want to truly take care of others, it’s important we look after ourselves. That’s why we’ve brought you a few of our self-care favourites this Mother’s Day 2020…

The pressure to perform at our maximum can make life challenging, anxiety provoking and can lead to burn out. This extreme drain on the body leaves us depleted and running on a flat battery. Putting aside regular moments in the day is really important if we want to regain strength and give ourselves the ability to tackle problems in a more diplomatic and rational way. Introducing early morning rituals into your daily routine can really help when it comes to coping with stressful events that come our way. Reconnect with the breath, notice how deeply inhaling and exhaling can quickly calm the body and mind and slow those unhelpful thoughts. The addition of essential oils here can help to also loosen the mind and bring peace. Using tools like our Self Care Hourglass Timer, paired with our deeply healing hair remedies make switching off that much easier.

Formulated to nourish, soothe and protect our locks, these three wellness essentials make for the perfect on-the-go antidote when life gets overwhelming…
Amla Hair Remedy – Deeply soothing and nourishing, this healing hair oil helps us wind down after a busy over-stimulated day
Peppermint Hair Remedy – Perfect for a PM pick-me-up, this invigorating oil lifts your spirit and gives you that added boost of energy when the post lunchtime lull hits
Grapefruit Hair Remedy – Grey day? Adding this refreshing and uplifting oil into your morning routine will transport you to Southern Italy and kickstart you into the day

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