Why you should add a nourishing scalp massage to your hair routine…

Dry, itchy scalp and hair that just won’t grow beyond your shoulders? A little bit of self care, healing oils and TLC is needed to stimulate hair growth and get our hair long, luscious and strong.

Not only does a relaxing scalp massage stimulate hair growth, it also encourages products to sink into the skin, so we feel the benefits and brings a little zen into your life, relieving stress at the same time.

We don’t often give ourselves the time to use our products. It’s often a case of rinse and repeat. But giving yourself even just 15 minutes can mean that the nourishing ingredients in a product sink into the skin deeper and get absorbed properly, giving you better long term results. With that said, take the time to slowly massage the scalp, really focusing in on the roots of the hair. This will promote circulation to the hair follicles and encourage hair to get longer quicker.

The health and quality of the scalp is incredibly important. The more nourished and fed the skin, the better foundation it is for hair growth.Not only is it irritatingly itchy, it’s been said that a flaky scalp is known to worsen hair loss. Amla, in our Amla Hair Remedy is derived from the Indian Gooseberry and is jam-packed with a nourishing cocktail of fatty acids and proteins that will strengthen even the weakest of locks. From itchy scalps to unwanted flakes, this potent elixir adds luscious shine to the hair, penetrating the scalp and provides soothing relief for dry and itchy scalps. IT also creates a healthy hair growth environment.

Just like skincare, people that suffer with over oily scalps and hair tend to avoid wanting to use anything heavy as a treatment, however the hair can really benefit from this as oil breaks down oil. When you massage oil into the scalp, your sebaceous gland will assume it has enough moisture so in turn stops producing more oil. Our is a nice option here for when we’re needing something lighter. Grapefruit Essential Oil, a natural hair cleanser which prevents dandruff and product residue from overstaying its welcome on your already sensitive scalp. Its naturally uplifting citrus scent will transport you to Southern Italy while kickstarting your hair follicles for that long overdue growth.

Lastly, a deep healing head massage is the ultimate stress reliever. Massaging the scalp and hair with warm oil relaxes your mind and nervous system, promoting quality deep sleep, making for the perfect way to wind down in an evening.

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