Bed-Head: How to Use Sleep to Your Advantage

Sleep is an essential part of a healthy life: it monitors your immune system and regulates your mental and heart health. But, it can also have a surprising impact on your appearance. High-quality rest can improve your skin quality, nail strength, and even your hair’s health and shine.

We’ve compiled some bedtime beauty routine tips to help you maximize sleep’s effect on your hair health. Follow these suggestions to wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful.

  • Dry your hair

Firstly, you should always avoid sleeping on wet hair to protect your locks. When damp, hair is more vulnerable, so sleeping on it for hours can overstretch the hair shaft and damage individual strands. It’s best to blow dry, or at least towel dry before crawling into bed. And while you’re at it, turn down the temperature of your shower! The hotter the water, the more damaging it is to your hair. Heat strips the natural oils from your locks and can leave your hair looking dry and damaged. Keep your showers warm, but not scalding to protect your hair’s keratin supply and maintain your natural sleek and shine.

  • Perform a scalp massage

A scalp massage is a great relaxation strategy that also benefits your hair health. An added bonus? You can do it yourself! By gently moving your fingers in small circles around your scalp, you stimulate blood flow to your roots and bring nutrients to your strands. A short massage should help your blood circulate better throughout the night and leave you with stronger, healthier strands.

  • Apply a hair oil

Adding a scalp oil into your bedtime routine can be a lifesaver for your hair. The moisturising oils bring rehabilitating hydration to your strands and protect them from future damage. For the best hair treatment, be sure you’re using one made of natural ingredients like our own Amla remedy made of Coconut, Avocado and Argan oils. This can cleanse your scalp, prevent greys and encourage overall hair growth.

  • Plait your hair

With all the tossing and turning you’re likely doing throughout the night, it’s best to keep your hair tamed. Putting it into plaits can protect it from breakage and prevent snarls, leaving your morning stress-free. Just be sure to do it gently, especially if you have thin hair, to avoid ripping your hair apart and causing split ends or unneeded stress on your roots.

  • Then go to sleep!

Finally, it’s time to get some rest! Sleep plays an important role in repairing hair and promoting growth. While you sleep, your body increases blood flow, circulating much-needed nutrients that nourish your hair and scalp. Be sure you’re getting the best rest possible and sleeping between seven to nine hours a night. If you’re like most others and struggle to get in the recommended amount of sleep, consider a breathable pillow or a calming sound machine to relax into better sleep.


There are a lot of different ways to use sleep to your beauty advantage, either by following these tips or adapting your own. Just find whatever works best for you and start looking after your hair, even while you sleep!


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