Henna coats each strand of your hair, acting as a varnish rather than a standard hair dye. This is kinder to hair, moisturises and leaves shinier than standard hair dyes, and looks a little more natural – but less dramatic – than boxed hair dyes.

Lush’s Henna range – like their other products – is vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced. Sold in bricks of 325g, the henna can last a number of applications, but since you have to grate off and melt pieces each time you want to dye your hair, be prepared for the process to be messy and time-consuming. Lush’s henna range comes in four colours: Rouge, Noir, Marron and Brun, and can (unlike standard dyes) act as a deep-conditioning treatment for hair. The colours don’t tend to bleed and, once applied, can last for months without fading. [Price: £10.95 online or in store.]

After Care

And of course, when you’ve dyed your hair, our Amla and Grapefruit hair oils are amazing treatments to keep hair soft and your scalp conditioned, whatever your colour.

 [image: favim.com]

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