So many of us have to deal with frizzy hair and search endlessly for products to help tame our locks.

Frizz is caused by a combination of humidity and a lack of moisture in your hair. As our hair loses moisture throughout the day, the cuticles open and absorb outside air, creating the frizzy hair that many of us are subjected to.

The Alchemy Team offer their top tips on how best to tame the frizz:

  • Turn the heat down on styling tools
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment (this seals the hair cuticle and prevents humidity from getting to the hair)
  • Use sulphate and alcohol-free shampoos (as these ingredients will dry your hair out even more)
  • Apply a hydrating mask or overnight oil mask, once a week (this adds moisture back into your hair)

Hair oil will work wonders for retaining moisture and shine in your locks, combating dry, frizzy hair. You no longer have to battle the frizz when you use our Grapefruit and Peppermint Hair Remedies, which contain Sweet Almond Oil to smooth hair.

If you fancy something a little richer, Amla Oil lets Argan Oil tame the frizz by nurturing hair follicles, sealing cuticles and strengthening hair.

Once you start nourishing your hair with our products you will no longer have to put up with your hair woes and instead see the frizz vanishing.

Here’s what one Alchemy customer had to say:

“I’ve also since used it as a styling product by applying a small amount to the ends of just curled hair to tame any flyaways or frizz. I’m not exaggerating when I say I resemble Friend’s Monica in “The One in Barbados” when the slightest bit of humidity is in the air, so I can imagine I’ll be appreciating this even more as summer approaches!”
– Lottie Hill (read her review of Amla Hair Remedy)

Alchemy Oil Amla Hair Remedy(Image by Lottie Hill)
(feature image by zhamakthecat on tumblr)


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