Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky patches of skin to occur most commonly on elbows, knees and the scalp and is notoriously hard to treat.

Although there is currently no definitive cure for it, there is a range of methods for keeping inflammation under control. Lots of these treatments include chemicals to apply to the skin. We believe in natural, cruelty-free products and our hair oils can also help to keep psoriasis at bay.



Both our Amla and Grapefruit hair remedies contain coconut oil, a key ingredient for reducing inflammation, fungus, viruses and harmful microbes due to its lauric acid property. It will bring relief to itchy scalps by hydrating the skin.



Avocado oil is also present in our hair remedies, which has long lasting moisturising properties and penetrates deep into the skin. Research has shown that psoriasis sufferers had reduced symptoms after incorporating avocado oil into their regimes for 12 weeks.

To achieve the best results, we recommend doing a deep cleanse once or twice a month. Run the hair oil of your choice through your hair, massaging it into your scalp, all the way down to the roots. Tie your hair up and leave it in overnight. When you wake up, rinse out the hair oil and style your hair as normal.

Several customers have let us know how much Alchemy Oils have eased their psoriasis symptoms so we wanted to share this great news with you!

Here’s what one Alchemy Oils user said about how it helped with her psoriasis…

“I am a severe plaque psoriasis sufferer, for the last three and half years I have been going through a very tough time, avoiding going out, feeling embarrassed and wondering what people thought when they saw my head/scalp.

I have tried many ointments, creams, oils, prescribed medications, pills and even light therapy nothing helped.

I began using Alchemy, after 3 weeks of using it every other day I now no longer have psoriasis on my scalp.  I have my confidence back and I am not afraid to show my hair or have it out.  My hair is soft and silky back to its former glory.

Thank you Alchemy for giving me my life back.”

[image: @williejane]

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