What better way to kick start emotional wellness month than with a self-care routine?

Take some time out from your hectic work schedule and find your inner zen to reduce stress and nurture your physical and mental well-being.

Pampering yourself every once in a while can work wonders for emotional wellness and incorporating the Ayurvedic technique of hair oiling is a great place to start. The Sanskrit word for oil ‘sneha’ literally translates to love. When you oil yourself, you love yourself. Ayurveda considers true beauty to arise through the act of self-care.

Not only can hair oiling leave you with luscious, silky locks but will also relax your mind. Consistent with Ayurvedic beliefs, the scalp contains multiple stress-relieving points called marmas. Hair oiling helps to relieve stress accumulated by heat in the scalp, which occurs due to a busy life. This absorbing, calming experience has the power to shield the mind from the overstimulation of daily life.

There are different ways you can apply your hair oil but to maximise the self-care results, we recommend doing an overnight treatment using your favourite Alchemy scent:

1) Brush your hair and massage the oil into your scalp, all the way down to your roots

2) Focus on the most damaged areas of your hair (usually the ends)

3) Tie your hair up and leave overnight (you can lace a towel on your pillow if you’re worries about marking your pillows)

4) Wash, dry and style your hair with your normal routine

5) Wait for compliments to roll in!

You don’t always have to make a trip to the spa for some relaxation. Book a trip to the self-care spa instead!

[image: flickr.com/photos/world-of-kanon/]

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  • jasmin says:

    Thanks for sharing this, no doubt Ayurveda is helping a lot of people’s with their natural medicines and other tips which are effective and useful without any negative effect on our body. Completely agree with the points you have mentioned Ayurveda has treatment for most of the problems and had several types of massages for different types of pain.. check this out what to do when you have a bad cough

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