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We caught up with Emma Fallon, of Emma’s So Naturals®, an all-natural, eco-friendly candle brand, made with pure essential oils. The soy wax candles are clean burning and longer lasting alternatives to paraffin wax, and are also free from synthetic perfumes, palm oil and artificial dyes! On top of that, the candles are biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free. Handmade by herself, and her family in Co. Louth, Ireland, Emma is involved in every stage of the making process – from blending and testing to boxing and product photography! Eight years after its creation, Emma’s So Naturals® offers something for everyone, with 50 hourglass candles, 20-hour tin candles, wax tart melts and palm-free soaps!

We love that you use only natural ingredients! What started your interest in natural products?

After having my first child in 2001, she had very sensitive skin and I started to become more conscious of the ingredients in her lotions and potions, I tried to keep things simple as possible by mixing plain base creams with lavender and tea-tree oils for her nappy change and in her bath. I also find that some perfumes and perfume containing products such as household cleaning products, detergents and fabric softeners, deodorants and cosmetics can make me feel ill and give me headaches.

Candles are the perfect addition to relaxation rituals like hair oiling! What made you first decide to create your own?

I had switched to using all-natural products and wanted a candle that had a great, natural fragrance and that I knew exactly what was in it, and that wouldn’t make me ill. Since there was nothing like it available at the time, I researched and developed it myself! I knew how to make candles from childhood art and craft TV shows, and so I started to make natural candles too for myself and family and friends using these natural waxes and oils. In 2010 I first took these candles to some local craft fairs, and they were a huge sell-out success since then I have developed it more and the range has grown into the widely available branded products they are today.

Emma’s So Naturals® has an impressively long list of accreditations! Could you tell us a little about the brand’s values?

We are passionate about using natural ingredients. We want to provide alternative cleaner, healthier products for people everywhere to enjoy. We share these core values with our customers and strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Emma’s So Naturals® is an environmentally conscientious company from sourcing ingredients, design and packaging locally – to hand producing candles in reusable, recyclable or biodegradable containers.

We are in love with your amazing candle fragrances! What inspires them?

I create my fragrance blends by combining a knowledge of both perfumery and aromatherapy. Perfumers work using some basic principles of combining certain oils, each with specific qualities known as base notes, middle notes and top notes, and then also each essential oil has aromatherapy qualities that work in synergy with other oils and which when blended can take on a completely new personality. When creating a new natural fragrance blend, 1st I will consider the notes of the core fragrance I that want to use, then I will consider which other essential oils work best with it to create the mood I desire to achieve from the finished blend. When I’m happy with all of that I’ll then try the blend in different percentages to make sure it’s right for the candles.

We’re obviously huge fans, but who would you say is your target consumer?

I make my all-natural soy candles – fragranced with only high-quality, pure essential oils for people who, just like me, are sensitive to, or who simply dislike regular artificially scented candles and for those who would simply prefer a candle-lit ambience with a beautifully natural and delicately fragranced room. The Essential Oils in our candles give a naturally delicate, clean fragrance that will not overpower the room.

Your focus on Essential Oils is rooted in Aromatherapy healing – which oils do you include, and how can people use them?

Using Emma’s So Naturals® Eco-Soy Candles you gain the healing Aromatherapy benefits of the Natural Essential Oils, from the relaxing effects of Lavender to the uplifting spirit of citrus fruits. Our candles are currently available in seven all natural pure essential oil fragrances: Lemongrass, Lavender, Citrus Blend, Orange & Palmarosa Blend, Harmony Blend, Neroli Fusion and Masala Chai. Released only during the winter season, our three seasonal fragrances are created using carefully selected and blended pure essential oils, chosen because of their renowned medicinal and healing qualities for this chillier season, including comforting and antiseptic Benzoin Resin and warming Ginger Oils, air-clearing Tea-Tree, Pine, Frankincense and Eucalyptus Oils, and stimulating Spearmint and Sweet Orange Oils. Mint Crisp is a unique seasonal fragrance, fun, fresh and sweet as an optimistic, crisp winter morning! Spiced Orange is spicy & warm, luxurious and sensory – not your traditional – ‘Spiced Orange’ fragrance! Wonderland is reminiscent of a weekend pine tree woodland walk when the world is at rest and the trees have shed the last of their golden leaves.

Do you have a favourite of your candles?

My own personal favourite from the limited edition seasonal collection is Mint Crisp with Spearmint and tea-tree oils, it smells like the spearmint chew bars we used to have as kids, and what makes it extra special is the effect it has on people when they smell it initially, it takes them right back to their childhood! It’s incredible the effect a fragrance can have on people to stir up memories of good times and experiences! I also love our Orange & Palmarosa Blend from the core range, it’s both fruity and floral, romantic and relaxing and an original fragrance that I created, you don’t see Palmarosa appear too often, which is a shame because it’s such a great essence.

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