How to become a ‘morning person’

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This week is London Coffee Week, one of our favourite celebrations because who can survive a long week without a strong cuppa! We have to confess though that sometimes we do depend a little too much on the old reliable caffeine hit in the morning so we have put together some tips to help you ‘rise and shine’ without the usual espresso to go.

#1 Catch some more Zzzz’s

Ok, so this might sound a bit too obvious but getting enough hours of sleep (we recommend 7-9 hours) will help you to wake up well rested. Research has shown that getting enough hours of sleep on the regular can also lead to improved memory, better metabolism and weight, heightened mood, lower stress levels and blood pressure… totally worthwhile!

#2 Snap out of snoozing

We are the first to admit that we can be a little trigger happy with the snooze button. Those precious extra minutes seem totally worth it… until you realise you’re running 20 minutes late, end up wearing yesterday’s outfit to save planning time, and have to sprint to the train only to turn up a sweaty mess to work. When you snooze your alarm and go back to sleep it messes with your sleep cycle and hormone levels, meaning when you do wake up again you often feel groggy. We suggest trying an alarm app like this one from Sleep Time, that wakes you up at the peak time in your sleep cycle based on your frequency waves of sleep.

#3 Make a move 

As soon as you wake up, put down your phone, avoid a sleepy social media scroll, and GET UP ! Even if you just go to get a glass of water you will find that actively moving your body will get rid of grogginess and help you to snap into ‘awake’ mode much quicker.

#4 Hello sunshine 

A healthy dose of sunshine in the morning with help you to rise and shine. Not only does sunlight give you a healthy vitamin D boost, it also sends signals to your brain to wake up and regulates your body clock. If you usually sleep in total darkness make sure that top of your priority list in the morning is opening your curtains or blinds and letting in as much natural light as possible.

#5 Drink up

During the night your body becomes dehydrated so in the morning its important to grab a glass of water. Dehydration has been shown to decrease alertness and concentration levels so drinking up should increase your energy levels. Citrus fruits like oranges contain flavonoids which also increase alertness and cognitive functions, so why not trave the usual coffee for a glass of OJ.

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