Me, My Friends and Our Hair

We caught up with our friend Megan Rowlands. She’s spent the beginning of 2018 in rural Nepal, spreading awareness for women’s reproductive rights and sexual health. Working and living in a small community meant that she got to know the women there well, and as well as the humanitarian work, she picked up some beauty tips and tricks. Below she recounts the importance that hair oils play in creating community and life-long bonds.

I sat with my head against the bed, with her hands in my hair. There was no TV to watch or music to listen too, just the background noise of nature and shiny stars to look up at. We did not speak for an hour, yet we were so conscious of each other’s movements. This is what selfcare is, I thought. This is how you look after each other.

There are some friendships where you can pinpoint the moment you bonded. While some may be a drunken chat or others be a cup of coffee, this friendship took a great turn in silence. I spent three months in glorious Nepal, with no TV and no wifi, and discovered how to not only truly care for myself but how to help others do so too.

Of course being in a completely new culture can be terrifying… but utterly brilliant all in one swoop. I am proud to be one of those people who will ‘Try anything once’, and Living in Nepal was like that – and I took so many amazing things away. One of the most beautiful things I took away was how the women care for each other.

We would routinely sit for hours weaving fingers through each others hair, massaging oil, and rejuvenating the thick, long locks. Hair is an important part of a women’s being, holding generations of pride over the thickness and shiny nature of their being. I fully attribute this to them spending the time to massage their fellow friends hair, taking the time not only for themselves, but to look after each other. Self care can help build community and create lifelong friendships… it’s all in the power of the oil!

We should all fully embrace this selfless care message. We encourage self care as an important and empowering way of enabling you to re-center and reconnect with yourself and others. We provide the one ingredient you need – oil. Whether you’re using the Alma Oil to strengthen your roots or our Grapefruit Oil to create clean and hydrate your hair, we hope you encourage a friend to take part in our favourite time held tradition.

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