The Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi has given us a whole new perspective on life. In traditional Japanese aesthetics wabi-sabi promotes acceptance of transience and imperfection and in short, is the art of imperfection.

It is a tradition that is hard to explain and has no direct translation but is said to have come from a Japanese legend…

A man called Sen no Rikyu was trying to learn an elaborate Japanese custom known as the Way of Tea. He went to a tea master who asked him to tend to a garden, this was a test. Rikyu cleaned and pruned the garden until it was immaculate but before presenting it to the master he went over to the cherry tree and shook it, so that a few of its flowers scattered randomly across the ground. It is from this that wabi-sabi emerged, continuing and mingling into Western culture as a trend for the art of imperfection.

We are trying to bring this new perspective to all aspects of our life, whether its embracing it in our homes, our fashion sense, our routines and even our desk space. We are going to stop searching for shiny, symmetrical perfection and start celebrating the beautiful individualities and irregularities that surround us.

[image: shadowplaydesign.co.uk]

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