Hair Oiling as a Family Tradition

Hair Oiling as a Family Tradition

In my childhood, having my mum oil my hair once or twice a week was so normal that I used to think it’s strange that everyone doesn’t do this. I still do. It’s such a treat and a great time to bond with your mum.

Traditionally, in Indian culture, having your hair oiled by your mum or grandma was and is still the norm and as we grew older we reciprocate the ritual. It’s not simply a way to take care of your hair, it’s time you’re spending with your mum, taking care of each other. I don’t know anyone that’s felt worse after a massage (except one time, I went for a full body massage, I think I was pummelled in a hell of my own making instead of massaged, so maybe no one feels worse after a scalp massage would be more accurate?).

It wasn’t always just an answer to hair woes either, maybe when we were younger it was but as you grow up if you’re feeling upset, stressed or have a headache, a hot oil massage will do the trick, it’s like therapy. Everyone in my house, at one point or another will park in front of my mum and have a scalp massage so it’s nice that we can do the same for her.

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