The History of Scalp Massage + How To

Scalp Massage

The tradition of scalp massage (known as champi) is centuries old and originates from India. Finding its roots in Ayurveda, scalp massage with oil is not only a therapeutic practice but also the key to growing long, strong hair by improving blood circulation to the hair roots which in turn promotes hair growth.

Being pretty big on rituals and taking out time for yourself we thought we’d give you the lowdown on how to practice champi at home.

Grab your favourite Alchemy Oil (obvs). Our hair oils work well with this practice as many of our ingredients are ayurvedic such as Coconut Oil and Amla.

Pop our bottle in some hot water to gently warm the oil.

Apply the oil in small quantities to different sections of the scalp by moving your fingers in small circular motions applying a little pressure. Continue massaging until your scalp is covered.

Leave the oil on your hair for at least thirty minutes, we like to leave it for longer, or even overnight. The good thing with this is, our blends use some great essential oils, so whether you choose Grapefruit, Peppermint (yes guys, you can use this on your scalp too) or Amla (containing our Lemon Essential Oil), you’ll reap the benefits of inhaling that particular oil.

Also, because our ingredients are all natural you can have a peaceful rest knowing that harmful chemicals aren’t sinking in to your scalp. Win, win.

Wash and condition as normal.

Try to take the time to massage in the oil at least once a week, it’s not only good to take care of your hair but it’s also good to have this ritual for some much needed me time.

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