How to Recover from a Brow Disaster!

British women spend, on average, up to seven minutes a day trying to perfect their eyebrows. With that in mind, chances are you either have in the past or will in the future make an eyebrow-shaping mistake, and spend a few weeks looking patchy or permanently surprised. Luckily, it takes long-term bad plucking to cause permanent damage, so your brow disaster is only temporary.

First, put down the tweezers…

Don’t try and tidy what’s left, or you can end up in a vicious plucking cycle, or making things worse. If you really feel like you need evening out, go to a professional – they can do wonders with shaping with minimal brow plucking.

The next step is a waiting game…

Full regrowth can take anything from a couple of weeks to months, depending on your age and metabolism. If you are feeling impatient, you can use our Peppermint Brow Remedy to speed up the regrowth: our all-natural brow oil has peppermint oil, to stimulate the hair follicle and promote new growth, with avocado, coconut and argan oils to nurture the hair follicles and look after new growth.

Fake it ‘til you make it…

You can use a pencil to fill empty spaces, or extend the brow if it is too short (we love this pencil by Alima Pure). Rather than drawing a single line or a filled-in shape, mimic hairs using small ‘feather strokes’ in the same direction that your brows grow naturally. Using multiple natural-looking shades of eye pencil can add texture to the brow, and powder can darken and enhance the whole brow. If your eyebrows are plucked too thin, you can use a spooled brush to brush hair upwards, and gel or wax to set the hairs in place. Even if you’re only trying to correct small patches, you must apply at least subtle, blended hair oils product to the rest of your brows, or the work you have done will stand out.  A small amount of powder or pencil throughout will keep you looking even, and mask your feathering.

Of course, the best way to fix brow mistakes is to not make them in the first place – follow these steps to avoid the most common tweezing mistakes:

  • Tidy your eyebrows once a week –at most – in natural light, in a non-magnifying mirror. While magnifying mirrors seem like the perfect tool for the task, the magnification makes it seem as though there’s more hair than there is, and can lead to overplucking, or random targeting of hairs, both if which are a surefire way to your next disaster.
  • Plan your shape before you start tweezing, and mark with an eyebrow pencil where you’d like your brows to begin and end. Then, tweeze a few hairs at a time and stop frequently to check your progress.
  • Remember that the eyebrow arch is not in the midway point of the brow, but the last third, where the brow-bone is the most prominent. Plucking too much from the centre will make you look stunned.
  • Don’t overpluck the middle: people often pluck the middle to avoid a unibrow, and go too far. The eyebrows should come to the bridge of the nose, not the nostrils, and should only be about an index finger width apart.

Don’t worry too much about making your brows perfectly identical. Faces are rarely completely symmetrical, so you are better shaping your eyebrows based on your eye shape and bow bone rather than spending hours matching them – the general rule to follow is ‘sisters, not twins’.

[image: stylecaster.com]

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