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Jessica Mason is the founder of Piglet, providing the best quality bedding for a beautiful and comfortable home, that won’t break the bank! Their range is developed to get more comfortable with wear and the linen is durable and gets softer and softer. We are huge fans of any products that enhance the cosiness of bed and were so excited to learn that a good set of sheets can actually improve the quality of your sleep!

We would love to know a little more about you, what’s your background, what were you doing before you founded Piglet?

I launched Piglet six months ago after around six years of working in PR and marketing in London and Dubai. During that time I worked with a whole range of brands – from Aesop to Ray Ban – which really helped me to shape my idea of the kind of company I wanted to build. Its a great time for e-commerce and its so exciting to see more independent brands like Alchemy Oils popping up which offer great products and who connect directly with their customers.

Piglet Bedding

We think that bedding is such an overlooked bedroom item, what let you to create this bedding range?

I have always loved interiors but felt like I wasn’t finding any bedding that matched both my budget and laid back design aesthetic. I felt pretty sure that I wasn’t alone in having no interest in spending my weekends ironing sheets so started my search for low maintenance, durable and super comfortable alternatives. Linen is an absolute dream to work with and looks great straight out of the dryer.

How is your range different to others out there?

We are not the first company to sell stonewashed linen bedding but by selling exclusively online we have been able to keep our overheads low which means that our prices our comparatively low. We also have some really lovely colours!


Piglet is an adorable little mascot for your brand, (we are animal lovers here at Alchemy!). What led you to choose this cute little creature as the forefront of your brand?

We are also animal lovers and are surrounded by farms here in rural West Sussex. We wanted something to represent the brand which is fairly scruffy and unpolished. At Piglet we believe that a beautiful home doesn’t need to be high maintenance but that with high quality, natural basics even an unmade bed can be beautiful.

Since we spend a third of our days sleeping, quality bedding is an absolute must for us! What other bedroom staples can you recommend adding to our bedrooms?

Ooh that’s a great question… One thing I am on the lookout for at the moment is a good analogue alarm clock so that I could leave my phone in another room. Recently I compulsively check my phone all through the night to see the time, emails, messages etc. It’s definitely time to kick that habit!

A good night’s sleep is so important; we love having a ritual before bed to wind down from a busy day. Ours usually involves a good book, a cup of herbal tea and an alchemy oils hair mask. What are some of the secrets to your bedtime relaxation routine? A good set of sheets really can help you get a better nights sleep, what other sleep time do’s and don’ts would you say effects the quality of your sleep?

I think that by associating certain scents with your bedtime ritual you can unwind more easily. We have recently launched our first candle made from a natural soy blend which is really fresh and calming. Skin and hair oils are also definitely part of that process.

Piglet is a relatively new company and has already seen such great success! What are your plans for the collection in the future?

Thank you! We are gradually adding more colours and sizes as we grow. We have a couple of striped patterns coming out in a few months which I am really excited about and before then we will be launching some great options for kids’ rooms. Starting small and growing gradually has been fantastic because we have been able to accommodate loads of our customer’s feedback. If there is anything your readers feel is missing in the collection we would be really happy to hear from them!


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