National Relaxation Day

I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to re-address our self care routines than August the 15th, National Relaxation Day 2019. A day to let yourself off the hook, let go of any expectations and really address the negative lifestyle patterns we’ve let ourselves slip into. With hectic routines and demanding 9-5s, we can easily become burnt out and exhausted. Stress and exhaustion in turn can take its toll on our mental health and leave us in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’. It’s time to learn how to be compassionate, factoring small moments of self love into our days and encourage a little more healing lightness.

When things get a little too hectic, wellness routines are the first to be thrown to the wayside. What we don’t realise when doing this, is that these small acts of kindness towards ourselves are those that make everything else in life seem a little easier and less of a challenge. So this National Relaxation Day, stop for a moment, re-write your script and make a plan. Summer can be a difficult time to factor in you time, with demanding social expectations, busy summer breaks and the kids on summer holidays. Just remember, that to be able to give back, sometimes it’s about giving to ourselves first. It’s recently been shown that there’s such a thing as ‘Leisure Sickness’, the bugs that get you as soon as you start to relax, stealing from your precious holiday time. Surely this defeats the point of a break, right?

Start off by taking time to think about some of the things that make you smile, happy and give you life. Whether this is sitting and ready a good thriller or an evening of self pampering. Relaxation doesn’t mean you have to sit and meditate! Our Self-Care Hourglass Timer has been created specifically to ensure we’re giving ourselves a moment to unwind, relax and find peace. This can be used to time yourself getting ready in the mornings or just as a reminder that we’ve moving too fast. We so often speed through our morning routine, brushing our teeth whilst taking the bins out, giving ourselves too much to do in a small window of time. Test yourself. See if you can stick to one task at a time, really taking a moment to focus in on small simple acts. It’s been proven that if we can focus on on thing at a time, we’re more likely to feel satisfied and feel like we’ve achieved something.

The addition of nourishing essential oils and cleansing diffusers is also a favourite amongst the team at Alchemy to help unwind. Our soothing blends of hair oils can be used when things get a bit too much, with the use of uplifting peppermint oil and zesty grapefruit oils to inject a little life into our locks. The beauty of these hair oils is that they come also in travel size, fitting easily into our bags, meaning they’re at arms reach when something unexpected is thrown our way. Sometimes a two minute self scalp massage with uplifting oils is the perfect way to help relieve tension and reset, helping us come back into ourselves. 

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