For Our Bearded Bros

Do I need beard oil? We hear you ask…

Sure you can grow a beard without beard oil BUT to maintain and manage your beard, and help it to reach its full, beard potential, a good beard oil is a necessity.

Our Alchemy beard oil range has been developed to fight those common beard concerns, with beard care solutions in our Earl Grey or Peppermint remedies.

For those who are big beard builders we would recommend Earl Grey Beard Oil. It contains Bergamot Essential Oil, which acts as a natural serum to tackle out of control beards and tame that mane. It is also has anti-depressant qualities and creates a feeling of freshness and joy after use. Hello happy beards!

On the other hand (or should we say beard) our Peppermint Beard Remedy deals with softening your beard and nourishing the skin underneath. Peppermint has the added bonus of stimulating the follicle of the hair, making your beard stronger and enhancing hair growth – perfect for those beard growers who might have a few patches to fill in.

We are firm believers that taming your beard is essential, especially when ‘Winter is coming…‘. During these months your hair is more likely to become brittle and damaged. In just one application you can you can soothe not only your beard but the skin below too.

There is no need to endure the ‘itchy beard phase’, caused by a need for more sebum oil as your beard follicles get longer, instead you can protect your beard and solve most of those beard-woes with a delicious smelling beard oil! 

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