Men’s Grooming Day

Men’s grooming has seen quite a boom, recently. Girls have been taught this stuff for years, but for a man today, it can feel a bit as though you’ve been thrown in the deep end, and the sheer number of grooming options can be intimidating.

Rather than give you a list of simple tips that are anything but, we’ll look at the ways you can make the most of our products, and how they’ll help kick-start your grooming routine. And lucky for you, our beard oils are fantastic multitaskers, ideal for any man’s bathroom kit!


Cleansing & Exfoliating

Just like your hair, your beard needs regular washing and maintenance, and a well-groomed beard is a sign of general hygiene. While we’ve mentioned before about the incredible way that our hair and beard oils use oil to break down grease and grime, our Earl Grey beard oil contains Bergamot and Coconut oils, both rich in natural cleansing and antibacterial properties.

Keeping your beard area clean is also crucial for healthy growth: regular cleansing and exfoliating helps to stimulate skin cells and encourage growth! You can add a small amount of brown sugar to a few drops of our oils for a gentle exfoliator (salt scrubs are great, but the crystals are too harsh on sensitive skin, so stick to softer brown sugar for anything you use on your face).




We couldn’t talk about our oils without mentioning their moisturising properties! The ‘itchy beard phase’ that affects most men with stubble is caused by dry skin cells needing more sebum as your beard follicles get longer. Each of our oils is packed with intense moisturising ingredients (for example, our Peppermint beard remedy looks after dry skin with rosehip oil).



If any of you are sporting wild yeti-beards, or are struggling to tame that frizz, look no further than our oils: our Earl Grey remedy contains cold-pressed bergamot essential oil, a natural serum for out-of-control beards, while our Peppermint Beard Oil softens hair with miracle ingredient argan oil. A couple of drops of either, and you’re good to go!



Finally, to give your beard a bit of an extra boost, try our Peppermint beard oil: formulated to stimulate your hair follicles, it’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to fill in patchy beards.


The best thing about our oils is that, with consistent use, your beard will become more manageable over time. They’re easy to use, tackle 5 grooming steps in one, and – with their incredible scents and calming properties – can form a simple, effective, and enjoyable nighttime routine!


Exfoliating (face – especially beard)

Other things you can do for a healthy skin & beard is to exfoliate regularly:

Sam Norsworthy:”Exfoliation is almost always a good thing, especially for men with beards. It doesn’t take off any of the healthy skin, it gets rid of the dead skin. What is crucial is to choose a good, natural exfoliator. Good ones use sand, natural grit or stone. Bad ones essentially face wash with plastic beads in.”


Hair growth (beard and scalp)

Massage for hair loss: “The only thing that has been proven as far as I’m aware to help aid hair loss is head massage and that is down to promoting blood flow into the scalp to give hair the nutrients it needs.”

Castor oil in Grapefruit and Peppermint hair oils improve circulation. Our beard oils both contain ingredients that promote blood flow: peppermint is ideal to supercharge hair growth, while bergamot in our earl grey blend is perfect for those who are looking to maintain a healthy growth.



Simple is always best, a couple of drops of our oils (pick your favourite) to the ends of your hair and you’re good to go!

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