Achieving and maintaining luscious locks minus the frizz can seem impossible during the hotter spells. Heat not only dries the hair but takes away essential moisture from the scalp, leaving it in desperate need of nourishment. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be out enjoying our much needed dose of Vitamin D right now when we most need it!

With all the sweating we endure on hot, muggy days, it seems unthinkable of coating our scalp and hair with a layer of oil. That being said, this may actually be the best thing you can do for your hair in summer. It may seem a little crazy to oil the hair when oil production is at it’s highest, however, oiling the hair and introducing scalp massage works to strengthen the roots, whilst stimulating growth. Oiling the hair follicle also offers protection from the drying heat and prevents unwanted breakages. The key here is to introduce leave-in oils that are lightweight and don’t weigh the hair down and can really benefit the health of the scalp. Whilst the sun is out, this makes for the perfect way to give your hair the holiday it deserves, bringing it back to enviable health and shine.

Our completely natural Peppermint Hair Remedy hair oil works wonders on heat stressed locks. A superior blend that’s light enough to be left in to work it’s magic. Formulated with a combination of naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, insecticidal, antispasmodic properties which protect the scalp, creating a healthy foundation for which the hair can grow. This formula has been boosted with nutrient-dense oils such as coconut to strengthen with sun protection, antioxidant and Vitamin E packed jojoba to condition and peppermint to stimulate the hair follicles. These lighter oils heal and nourish without suffocating the scalp like some other heavier oils. This means the product efficiently sinks in and doesn’t just sit and build up at the roots leaving the hair looking lank and lack-lustre.

It’s important we give ourselves time to really sit back and let products do the work. Our busy schedules often get in the way meaning we don’t give products the time to really work. Adding in our Self-Care Timer here to maximise on results makes sure you’re giving your hair the love it needs to be its best.

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