With most of us getting used to working from home, sitting around in our pyjamas and indulging in a little too much screen time, it’s about time we clean up our routine. With lockdown in place we need to press the reset button and make some changes that will bring ourselves back to the present, aiding productivity where we may have started to find ourselves moving off track.

A few days of series binge-watching is all well and good, however with our current situation being up in the air, it’s incredibly important to regain some structure in our lives to help us stay inspired. With daily movements restricted and only short bursts of activity accepted, we’re looking for stay at home activities to keep us feeling our best.

Being cooped up indoors can wreak havoc on our sensitive skin and cause irritations that we don’t need to put up with. Not to mention the stress that being inside for hours on end can induce. With a little more time on our hands and salon appointments definitely a no-go, we’ve brought to you a few hair care heroes that will see you through lockdown.

Keep that beard full, healthy and nourished with our Peppermint Beard Remedy formulated with plant oils that help revive and repair skin that is in need of a little extra attention. Say goodbye to parched complexions and unwanted flakiness that tend to rain on your beard’s parade. Topped off with a splash of Peppermint Oil to stimulate the hair follicles to work a little harder, by binding the hair roots and increasing blood circulation. And as its final touch, its natural minty scent will keep you smelling fresh from dusk till dawn.

Indulge in a self scalp massage with our Amla Hair Oil, jam-packed with a nourishing cocktail of fatty acids and proteins that will strengthen even the weakest of tresses. From itchy scalps to unwanted flakes, this potent elixir adds shine where there was dullness and says au-revoir to breakage. Amla oil also contains a boosting shot of vitamin C and is infused with antioxidants to keep your locks looking healthy.

Lastly, use the our stylish hourglass timer to ensure you get at least 15 minutes of me time a day. Do something for yourself, even if it’s just rearranging your underwear drawer or enjoying cup of tea with no distractions. It’s amazing what 15 minutes of pure me-time can do for you.

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